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Extended Yoga Nidra & Balancing workshop May 19th 1pm – 3pm Grace Place 637 S. Dearborn

Why is yoga growing? People are seeking healthier lives and a reduction in stress. Although there are many forms of physical exercise, yoga’s ability to reduce the effects of stress, build strength and increase flexibility/range of motion is unique. Yoga can be done by virtually anyone. There are many styles and levels. I introduce a variety of yoga styles in order to keep things green and foster a sense of exploration in each class.

So, if you have found the idea of going to a yoga studio intimidating, Loop Yoga offers a laid-back and inclusive setting that will help each student based on where they are and focus on safe alignment. And we have fun in class. We play music, we get to know each other and we build a community.

But the only way to really understand what yoga is and how it can transform your physical health is to start taking a class.

So try the new student intro: 3 classes for $25

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 The Benefits of yoga:

    • Helps alleviate chronic back pain
    • Improved sleep
    • Effective in controlling weight
    • Deeper, fuller breathing (yoga breath) that occurs super-oxygenates the body and energizes all of the systems and glands
    • The calming effect on the mind improves focus and concentration
    • Keeps joints flexible
    • Improves circulation
    • Prevents injury while practicing other sports and speeds the healing process
    • An effective way to manage emotional challenges during recovery