“New student” 3 classes for $25 (Printer’s Row & Edgewater)


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Current class schedule:

Printer’s Row Grace Place 536 S. Dearborn 2nd Flr
Wednesday @6:00 PM
Edgewater Park Tower 5415 N. Sheridan Rd
Monday 5:30 PM   / Thursday 5:30 PM

Welcome and glad you made it this far. If you are brand new to yoga I am excited for you                                                                                                because you are stepping into a life-long portal of improved physical health.

What’s required? Show up with a mat. I recommend getting a quality mat (Jade, Gaiam & Manduka are 3 brands I like).                                                  

Ok, ready?

Contact me with any questions:  [email protected]  (312) 804-7115

You can go here for the 3 classes for $25 Intro or a 1 class drop-in for $15:
New student 3 class intro

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