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NOTE: I encourage students to bring a blanket and/or 1 or 2 blocks if possible. Particularly if you are new or have some flexibility or joint issues. It will definitely make your practice safer and more enjoyable!

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Location: Park Tower 5415 N. Sheridan 2nd Flr Party Room      

Monday  5:30 PM (1 hr)  Happy Hour hatha basics & Deep Stretch here we explore basic stretches and some restorative poses. proper breathing, alignment, and some meditation. This class is good for beginning students

Thursday 5:30 PM (1 hr)  Vinyasa Flow – here we focus on alignment and incorporating some flow into our practice. We explore various poses that include long opening stretches, safe backbends, standing balances, breathing exercises. This class is intended for all levels with some challenges options




Location: 2746 Central Street  Evanston, IL

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Heaven Meets Earth Yoga

Wednesday 6:15 PM (1 hr) “Happy Hour Vinyasa Flow & Meditation”

Here we are going to do some flowing sun salutations and practice and aspect of balancing each week. That might be arm balances or standing balances or perhaps an inversion. We will then finish with a some refreshing restorative poses and short meditation. This class will be for all levels and particularly for those that want to refreshing practice but with just enough challenge. Leave your mid-week stress behind!


Sunday 9:30 AM ( hr 30 min) “Hatha Flow Level 1-3”

The class will offer specific instruction on physical alignment and muscular action for a variety of fundamental yoga postures. Students will learn the basics that will keep them safe and knowledgeable in any yoga class anywhere. The yoga methods taught will vary depending on the instructors, but will include Anusara-inspired, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, among others. Though the class is entitled Level 1-2, it is open to all levels. The instructor will challenge the skill level of each participant. All students are encouraged to work at their own capacity and build their yoga practice slowly over time.


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    1. Thank you Matt. I think its just matter of showing up! I followed the suggestions of others and the support and encouragement of freinds like you. Now come to class!!!

  1. I keep thinking it’s ‘Loopy-Oga’. Have only gone once but I am hooked on the perfect blend of yoga, good breathing, and a spirit of community, togetherness. The Park Tower class is fabulous.

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